The Rogue Range is born from the innovative and often intoxicated, borderline neurotic, brain matter of the Rogue Dude.

A daring new series of world-class spirits designed with award-winning skill from South Africa’s first, and most awarded craft distillery. It’s the Yin to our Yang. The equal, opposing force to the conventional art of distilling. While preserving the acclaimed heritage of Wilderer, Rogue has no strings, no conformity, no rules and laws of men to restrain him. Grappa, Schnaps and traditional spirits are respectfully shelved while a rustic range of exciting new spirits steals the limelight.

Authentic Cape Moonshine is Rogue’s forte with many new innovations to follow. So watch this space. The inspiration struck when friends of the States visited and was hoping to find quality moonshine at the distillery. Moonshine, unlike the usual Mampoer and Witblitz, is in fact not rubbish but has great potential of being a top tier tipple. After much research and trials, the first moonshine was sneakily brewed on stove-top: the Rogue Apple Pie Moonshine.

Moonshine is not a description of class and can therefore be any kind of alcohol. The Rogue Range products are all uniquely produced: Whether it be from malted grain, mashed, fermented and distilled or a spiked brew from natural fruit juice. No artificial flavours or colourants are used. Ever.

Rogue is continuously breaking boundaries and social conventions with its versatility and mixing potential. Cocktails with a Southern flair really do get the party going. Have a look at our suggestions under the recipe tab for crafty ideas to tap into your Rogue.